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Sunday, August 23, 2015

32 - More of the "S.S. Europa Passenger List"

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Story so far: Grandma Cecile was on her way to visit her relatives back in her home village of Nieder-Mohrau, Czechoslavkia. She had crossed the country by train, from Oregon on the Pacific coast to New York on the Atlantic coast. The Europa, a ship with the North German Lloyd ship line, was carrying her across the

The previous post covered the part of the passenger list booklet that had the Tourist Class passenger's names.

Here are pages from the back half of the booklet. These pages give other information, some about life on the ship, others concern the ship line itself. 

It starts with an advertisement for shipping freight around the world, the left page here was blank for memoranda

Information on Meals and Baggage, left in German, right in English

More Information on topics from Animals to Sea Sickness to Smoking, again in both German and English
Information Covering letters, telegrams, telephone, deck chairs, games and complaints, etc.

The 1936 sailing list and the North German Lloyd's fleet

The rest of the fleet, and a list of their offices and agencies

The rest of the agencies and some distances in nautical miles along with someone's calculations, the last two pages of the booklet

 Besides these pages of printed information, there are nine blank "Memoranda" pages for passengers to make notes in the middle of the booklet. Those pages will be in the next blog post.

Story to be continued......
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