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Sunday, June 11, 2017

43 - Bank Transaction For Traveler's Checks - 23 June 1936

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Story so far: Grandma Cecile had reached her relatives back in her home village of Nieder-Mohrau, Czechoslov
kia. She had crossed the United States by train, from Oregon on the Pacific coast to New York on the Atlantic coast. The Europa, a ship with the North German Lloyd ship line, had carried her across the Atlantic Ocean. She had reached her destination of Nieder-Mohrau and had written some letters and even had time for a diary entry.

Some time on the day she got around to writing in her diary, Grandma Cecile had time to run to the bank. She had this receipt among her mementos:

The bank receipt
I had to turn to my friend Al Haunold for help with what this document was. Al sent this translation for the receipt from the Deutsche Bank.  

German Bank for Industry, Trade, Business, and Agriculture
Mrs. Cecile Beitel,
Roemerstadt 23 June 1936

We are booking on your account,
travelers checks 714.-
Fees 3.50
Total: 703. -

Stamp imprint: Sincerely
German Bank
Branch Office Roemerstadt

After the fees of 3.50 and 7.50, she had 703.00 left to spend. Not sure what the currency was or how that would have translated to US dollars.

Included in Grandma's souvenirs was another bank receipt, this one has no date, so I will simply add it here.
Bank receipt - no date

Again, thanks go to Al Haunold for the translation. 

German Business-Credit Bank,
branch office Hannover,  1 M Sophienstrasse 6
Exchange Office Bremen, main railroad station
Purchase: America (USA) 10.—
illegible signature and various numbers
including exchange rate (Kurs) 219.10

 While this receipt has no date, the address of the bank is the main rail road station. Perhaps this was for money Grandma received when she first arrived, but that is just a guess. Again, no way of knowing what this would have been in US dollars.

For a closer view of the receipts, simply click on either of the images.
Story to be continued......