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Sunday, August 31, 2014

6 - Southern Pacific Company - 28 April 1936

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Story so far: Grandma Cecile has begun planning her trip to visit her relatives back in her home village of Nieder-Mohrau, Czechoslavkia. She has made her reservation with the tour company and gotten her passport. Word is spreading about her plans among her family. Now she hears from the Railroad company.

The Travel Agency must have arranged the reservations on both the train and the ship for Grandma Cecile. Now it is time to put down a deposit to hold her space. Why the request comes from the Railroad Company and not the steamship line, I am not sure.
The envelope - (smoke damage 1985)

The following letter came from the Southern Pacific Office in Salem, Oregon. It is apparent that Mr. Noth was a man of few words and not a great typist.

Here is the letter:

Salem, Ore.April 28th.1936...

Mrs. Cecilia Beitel
Stayton, Ore.

Dear Madam :-

Hamburger Steamship Co line holding berth A Room 604 Europa June 6th. they request that we send them a deposit of $15.00 .

They claim New York want[sic] hold space unless they et[sic] a deposit can you favor me with a deposit of 15.00.

Yours very truly,

the letter - it is a full sheet of paper, I cropped the image to save space

This "Suggested Itinerary" probably came along with the above note. I'm not sure when Grandma acquired it, but it seems to fit in here. The Itinerary shows that Grandma would travel by train from Salem, Oregon, to Chicago, Illinois and on to New York. 

The cost of First Class would have been $135.15 plus $24.75 for a Pullman car or Tourist Class was $117.95, plus $8.25 for a sleeper car. The cost of the sleeping compartment for one night these days is more than the cost of the first class trip across the country back then!

There was another option listed under Fare Information, but I can't decipher the handwriting. It did not appear later on her bill, so it must not have been something she chose. 

Here is the document:

back - smoke damage is from 1985 house fire that these materials survived
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Story to be continued...... 
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