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Friday, July 18, 2014

2 - Newspaper Clipping About Travel

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Story so far: Grandma Cecile has been thinking about visiting her siblings in the Old Country. She has not seen them for 35 years since she immigrated. She received a letter from her youngest Minna, telling of being very ill the summer before and of how wonderful it would be if they could all see her again.

Apparently an advertisement on travel to Germany for the Olympics that summer in Germany caught Grandma's eye. The following article was in Grandma's collection. Nothing indicates which paper it came from. It could have been the St Joseph's Blatt, published in Mount Angel, Oregon, for the local German speaking community. Grandpa & Grandma were subscribers, so it is a possible source.

Grandma Cecile had been in the United States for 35 years. In all that time she had not returned to visit her family, and none of them had ever traveled abroad to see her.  She was the only one to emigrate. The thought of going back for a visit must have always been in the back of her mind, but now it is a full blown idea.

It is not without its challenges. She lives in Stayton, Oregon. That's on the far west coast of the United States. Her sisters still live in their home village of Nieder-Mohrau. That's thousands of miles away.

The town hasn't moved, but the map lines have. When she left in 1901, Nieder-Mohrau was in Austria. In 1936 it was in Czechoslovakia. (In the present day it is in the Czech Republic.) 

Now, how to get there? It's a long way just to the east coast and the interstate highway system won't be built for a couple more decades. Grandma couldn't catch a red-eye flight to Heathrow. So how do you get there? 

The following ad in the paper gave Grandma an idea. She kept this clipping in an envelope from the Val Peter Travel Bureau.

Translation of the article was done by Al Haunold.


Top of newspaper clipping
Social Trip  
with the Speedy Steamer 
on May 30, 1936
under the personal guidance 
of Mr. George T. Hackl, Trip Coordinator
An exemplary inexpensive trip
  • Reduced round-trip ticket, 3rd class, from New York to Bremen and return trip with an Hapag steamer to New York, $ 177.25
    Additional charge $ 5.11, S. Revenue tax 
    Children under 10 years pay half fare

    Fabulous trip program
    On our trip to New York we will be visiting the world famous Niagara Falls or the National Capital Washington D.C. After arriving in Bremen we will take a 21-day round trip throughout Germany which includes the biggest sights and the most beautiful parts of our old home country and concludes with a steamer cruise on the fabulous German Rhein River.
    • Special prices for American tourists in Germany
    • 60% price discount on German railroads
    • Savings of 30 to 40 % by use of German Mark travelers checks. 
    Visit your old Home Country under knowledgeable guidance.
    For many years, many thousands harbor the wish to once more visit their old home country and their loved relatives but they could not muster the energy because they did not want to travel alone or were afraid that the costs might be too prohibitive. The cheap price of our trip makes it possible even for people with modest means to see their loved ones once again and with such a fabulous trip to enjoy the beauty of Germany. You don’t have to concern yourself about anything, the trip leader will take care of the smooth operation of the program.
    The fabulous month of May is the best month for your trip to Germany !

    Immediate booking is urgently advised
    Travel activities this year, with regard to the Olympic Games, are rather busy. Many steamers have fully booked their berths for large sports organizations. Thus secure your cabin as long as something is available on various steamers. A down payment of;postID=4485586697532068851;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=0;src=postname
    $ 10.00 is sufficient.
    Germans and German-Americans !
    Avail yourself of this fabulous opportunity to make a trip to your old Home Country under knowledgeable guidance and for a modest price ! Decide to embark now on the long desired visit to your old Home Country ! Travel in the company of old friends and acquaintances in German happiness and friendship. 
    On to Germany and to the Olympic Games !

    German Travel Bureau, Val. J. Peter Travel Bureau
    1307 Howard street, Omaha Nebr. 
    Please immediately send me details about a trip to the old Home Country.
    I intend to be a partner of your social trip
    Town..........State........ "


    Story to be continued....
    To read Post "3 - Val J. Peter Travel Bureau Letter - 24 March 1936"  Click here

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